Time is Running Out for Ebola Victims in Africa

By Solomon Hammerly

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

Gambian Airlines, since Monday, has been told by Gambian authorities not to take aboard any passengers planning to leave due to the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in suspected areas of the country. The shutdown of the airline had the pure intention of keeping people outside of Gambia safe, as the Ebola Virus is the most deadly strand of Ebolavirus.

The ongoing epidemic has taken over 100 lives in both Guinea and Liberia so far, with Guinea closing its land border with Senegal to help contain the country and Guinea’s Conkary Airport instituting health checks for those leaving on flights.

Banjul resident Nyima Sammeh expressed some frustration about the recent events in an interview with Agence France-Presse. ”I went to the Gambia Bird (airlines) office in the Greater Banjul area to purchase an air ticket for my elder brother currently in Monrovia but was informed by the travel agent that they are not selling tickets to passengers traveling from Monrovia and Freetown,”

Gambian authorities have been the only country so far to request holding off passengers, although it is unknown whether the epidemic or influx of illness originated in the country, with other sources pointing to Sierra Lione as it has had some similar cases recently.

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