Majority of Ukrainians Would Like Country to Remain United

By Nico Hamacher

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

According to a report published yesterday, the majority of Ukrainian citizens believe that the country should remain as one.

The report, conducted by the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project, found that 77 percent of Ukrainians feel the country should “remain united.” Only 14 percent feel that Ukraine should “allow regions to secede,” while another nine percent are unsure.

In the majority of geographical areas, Ukrainian citizens have similar views. Along the country’s Russian border, 70 percent of citizens believe the country should remain united. While along other borders and near the capitol, Kiev, 93 percent do.

Only in the peninsula of Crimea do the majority of people, 53 percent, believe that they should have the right to secede.

The article also polled Ukrainians on their views on ethnic-Russians, the country’s official language, faith in the government, belief in the upcoming elections, and their views on the governments of the United States and Russia.

Since protests began in December of last year, Ukraine has erupted into violence after former President Viktor Yanukovych reached an agreement with the E.U., which strengthened ties between Ukraine and Russia.

The agreement angered many in the country who had been looking forward to the prospect of establishing stronger ties with the rest of Europe.

What began as a peaceful protest has now resulted in the deaths of over a hundred people, the annexation of Crimea, a region between Russia and Ukraine, by Russia, and the destabilization of the Ukrainian economy.

The unrest has also formed a strong tension between the United States and Russia that has been labeled as similar to Cold War tensions.

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