The Future of Ice Cream is in the Cones Hands

By Annika Le

Catlin Gabel School

High school students create a revolutionary ice cream cone made of cookies.

Are you tired of your tasty ice cream perching inside an insipid, habitual, and overall bland sugar or cake cone? Well, if so, welcome to the Cookie Cone. 5 high school freshmen from the Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon are not afraid to share their innovations and ideas with the world and believe that they have the opportunity to revolutionize the ice-cream industry.

The company is headed by Claire Rosenfeld, an aspiring entrepreneur as well as a lacrosse enthusiast. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her spending time with her friends and walking her dog. Rosenfeld stated about Cookie Cones, “We are not creating a product, we are creating an experience.” The team believes that the art of eating an ice-cream cone is a delicate one. They believe that often times the taste of the cone is overpowered by the sweetness of the cone. Cookie Cones is looking to fix this, creating a striking experience with every bite due to the fact that the taste of cookies go with any ice cream flavor fluently and lusciously.

Their future plans are well thought out and concise: They will hand make their cones at first and strive to sell their cookie cones to local specialty ice cream shops in Portland such as Salt and Straw and Ruby Jewel.            In the future, they hope to get a manufacturer for their cones, as well as possibly sell the actual cone mold they designed, and maybe even sell a “Cookie Cone Kit” that contains everything you need to make them, excluding the ingredients that need to be refrigerated.

In addition, the Cookie Cone is looking to provide gluten free products so that everyone can enjoy their product.

The company currently has one delicious flavor, classic chocolate chip. However, they plan on expanding their flavor spectrum to include snickerdoodle, sugar molasses, oatmeal, peanut butter etc..

The Cookie Cone crew is very open to feedback and suggestions, so if you would like to contact them you can do so here:

Also, stay updated with their every move with their twitter account: @Cookie_cone

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