Eagles Varsity Soccer Wins at Home

By Nico Hamacher

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

The Catlin Gabel’s Varsity Boys Soccer team earned a win under the lights Tuesday night at Catlin Gabel.

The Eagles beat the Valley Catholic Valiants 3-0 in a hard fought match by both sides.

Coach Peter Schulman pointed to Senior Kadin Hecht’s disruption of Valiant counters and his accurate passes as playing an especially vital role in the game.

“We also got a huge performance from a center back combination of two freshmen, Luke van Buskirk and Ben Karp,” Shulman said. “That’s the first time I can remember going with two ninth graders in the middle in my 12 years here, and they had a superb performance.”

The Eagles three goals came from Zac Torng ’15, Luke van Buskirk ’18, and Ian McClanan ’16.

The teams next game will be played next Tuesday 6 p.m. at Catlin Gabel against Riverdale.

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