Three Charity Events in Portland on One Day

By Xander Balwit

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

It is no understatement that Portlanders love to get involved so it was not entirely surprising when Sept. 21 held not one, but three awareness events.

The sun came up over tired site crews and early risers taking part in Portland’s Race for the Cure. The event compiled of races and walks raised money and awareness for breast cancer research. This year the charity received over 2.5 million dollars from people registering to participate in the races and from online donations.

Noon rolled around and tired participants were sucked into the People’s March for Climate Change. People sported signs condemning this era’s reliance on coal and shouted, “System change not climate change!” imploring the government to play a larger role in pushing climate change awareness.

The afternoon continued with a march for human trafficking awareness, beginning at Director Park. The organizers of this event are members of a club at St. Mary’s Academy known as “Youth Ending Slavery.”

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