Greek Fest Brings Greek Culture to Portland

By Joseph Endler

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

This past weekend, hundreds of people from all around Portland attended the annual Greek Fest. The event is something that Portlanders look forward to, because it is one of the few times that Greek culture is brought to the community’s attention.

Greek Fest is delicious highly sought after food items that are common in Greek culture. Food ranges from the delicious highly sought after honey balls, to juicy chicken gyros. Furthermore, to accompany the delectable food, classic Greek folk music plays throughout the festival.

A unique part of Greek Fest is that everything is purchased with special coins that can be purchased for two US dollars per coin. The desserts are mostly two coins, but some of the entrees can be up to three or four coins. This system of currency adds to the fun and excitement of Greek Fest.

Sam Schrott ’16, who attended Greek Fest this year commented, “Greek Fest is an awesome experience, and the food is extremely good. It is a must go for all!”

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