New Poll Shows Kitzhaber Lagging Behind Richardson

By Nico Hamacher

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

A new gubernatorial election poll conducted on behalf of Portland’s KATU television station has found that revelations surrounding Oregon’s First Lady Cylvia Hayes may have serious impacts on the upcoming gubernatorial election.

The revelations include news that Hayes may have been involved in a “green-card marriage,” played a lead role in purchasing a marijuana farm, and abused her power as Oregon’s First Lady.

In the poll, the company hired by KATU, SurveyUSA, interviewed 950 Oregon adults about their stance on the election. Of those interviewed, 407 were both registered voters and had been following the news surrounding Hayes.

The voters were asked to select from these four responses the one which best represented who they would vote for in the election.

1: I was going to vote for John Kitzhaber and I’m still going to vote for Kitzhaber.

2: I was going to vote for Dennis Richardson and I’m still going to vote for Richardson.

3: I was going to vote for Kitzhaber but now I will vote for Richardson.

4: I was going to vote for Richardson but now I will vote for Kitzhaber

The results of the poll painted a new and completely different picture than seen in earlier polls performed by SurveyUSA. While a poll the group performed October 16-19 showed Kitzhaber leading by 13 percentage points, this poll (performed October 20-21) showed Richardson with a significant lead.

Of the total voters, 55 percent stated they planned to vote for Richardson, 39 percent for Kitzhaber, and 6 percent were undecided. Eighteen percent of the total group had switched from Kitzhaber to Richardson, likely due to the extensive negative media coverage on Hayes.

You can find further information on the SurveyUSA website here

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