WANT poetry corner: I am from…

By Aidan Manley

Wilson High School

I am from the feeding the dog and Iams food and the scooper                     I am from the shady place behind the tree,                                                     (cool, quite, secluded area, that is damp and filled with life)                         I am from the vibrant daffodils and the sweet persimmons trees.

I am from brownies and the slender,                                                                 from Doreen and Jason                                                                                         I am from the be quite, the settle downs,                                                       and the always remembered slow down.                                                          I am from the bright sunrises that create warmth and memories                 and sunsets that ends the day to pass on the memories for tomorrow.      I am from the sky scraping mountains and the weird sea level city             I am from the fillet mignon and rochlette                                                         I am from the missing Yachts that will never be found                               and from the odd private schools                                                                     that will forever be there

I am from the shelves of many memories past along through generations the mementos stored in the living room for all to see.                                 From past pictures to war documents.                                                               I am from the smiling, supportive faces of my friends                                 and family that will always be there for me .

About Grace Masback

Grace Masback, 17, aspires to give voice to the voiceless and holds the modest ambition of becoming the voice of Gen Z. Frustrated by the dearth of impactful platforms for teen journalists, she founded WANT, a news, sports, and entertainment website that aggregates the best in high school journalism from school newspapers and teen bloggers around the world (www.wantnewsforteens.com).

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