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NW Academy Pigeon Press

This October, Northwest Academy is participating in Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat (TOTS-Eat), a food drive organized by the Northwest Academy Thespians. All proceeds will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.

The food drive began on October 13th and each grade will have until October 25th to donate as much non-perishable food as possible.

“Hunger is a really big problem for everyone all over the world, and in Oregon too,” Jared Kerman, the junior who is spearheading the drive, said. “At our school, we’re really fortunate, so it’s easy for us to bring in some food.”

The Northwest Academy Thespians collected 290 pounds of food last year and are aiming to collect at least 350 pounds this year. If they meet this goal, the entire high school will receive a mystery grand prize.

“It’s basically a competition between the classes of who can donate the most food for charity,” Clio McCormick, a sophomore, said. “Right now, we’re thinking that the winning grade will have cleanup duty off, and the losing grade will have to do their cleanup duty.”

Cleanup duty is a Northwest Academy tradition where one grade is assigned each week to clean up the commons after lunch.

“We’re doing this food drive to strengthen the community of the school as well as Portland’s community overall,” Kerman said.

One of the ways Thespians plan to meet their goal is through food donations at the Halloween Movie Marathon fundraiser, where three horror films will be featured.

“We’re organizing a movie marathon on October 25th,” Ryan Richter, a sophomore, said. “We crowd-sourced movie options on Facebook, and admission is either (a suggested donation of) $5 or 5 cans of food.”

Northwest Academy became involved with the food drive last year, after students read about it in the International Thespian Society newsletter. Thespian troupes all across the country participate in TOTS-Eat.

“Last year, we saw it and thought this was a great opportunity to branch out and be a little more involved,” Kerman said. “This year we want to kind of up it and do even more.”

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