Historic Ballow and Wright Building Faces Demolition

By Liv Phillips

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

The historic Ballow and Wright office building in NW Portland is on the developer’s chopping block, while some Portland residents try to save it. The building is on NW 18th St. and Hoyt St.

The Portland building boom continues, with many older houses and buildings being torn down.

Over the summer, Portland residents were able to save the historic Marquam house from a developer who wanted to tear down the historic house and subdivide the lot.

The Ballow and Wright building used to house the Women’s Hospital of Portland, which was run by Mrs. A.B.Y. Spaulding. Spaulding was the founder of OHSU’s school of nursing for which it is named after.

The Ballow and Wright building is the National Register of Historic Places and in order to be demolished, the demolition must be approved by the Portland City Council. Only one such other building was demolished previously.

An online petition has been started, and as of Nov. 20, over 1300 signatures have been acquired.

To sign the petition click here.

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