California Cracking Down on Drought Conditions

By Alon Kornfeld

Catlin Gabel School, Catlin Speak

According to Science Daily, since 2012, scientists have discovered that the state of California has been in a severe drought. In the summer of 2014, data showed that the drought was at its very worst. Events like the closing of Klamath River Spit Fishery and the establishment of emergency drought water distribution areas have been hard to ignore for California residents.

According to, breaking one of these laws could result in a $500 fine.Due to the drought, over watering lawns is now prohibited along with fountains that run on clean drinking water that is not re-used, hosing down driveways, and washing cars with hoses not equipped with shutoff nozzles.

These laws are temporary until the drought is improved. However, these rules are put in place to sustain current underground water levels and, to over time, increase the levels.

California is trying to stop the drought but this is certainly a microcosm for a worldwide issue of climate change.

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