WANT’s Top 10 Winter Fashion Finds For Girls (Sorry boys)

By Grace Masback and the WANT Editors

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Winter is here in most of the country (and world) and the colder temperatures and wet weather pose unique fashion challenges. WANT’s editors have scoured the fashion landscape and identified the Top 10 trends for Winter 2015:

  1. The long-sleeved shift dress

How do make a dress work in winter? For too long, we’ve frozen in short sleeve dresses from November to March, but fear no more. This winter, the shift/baby-doll dress trend continues with a long-sleeved edition. This easy, flirty, fun (not to mention warm) dress provides you a much-needed reprieve from the pants and leggings that have become the norm the last two winters. If you want some shape, add a belt. Or, dress it up with a cute necklace. And, if you want some extra warmth, pair it with a pullover sweater and boots.

Get one: http://www.abercrombie.com/shop/us/p/olivia-dress-3717569

  1. The Tall boots

This irresistible trend from last winter is back again with force. Real leather or not (for those vegans out there), these just-under or just-over-the-knee boots offer you protection from the winter elements while simultaneously boosting your style prowess. We here at WANT are personally enamored with the darker-colored variety, but that’s just us. Pair these lovelies with dresses and leggings, and maybe even consider wearing them with some cute high socks (see below).

Get some: http://www.cathyjeanshoes.com/boots/over-the-knee-riding-boot.html

  1. The knee high socks

How do you keep your legs warm without wearing tights? High socks hold the key to all your troubles (at least the ones involving leg warmth). You can choose a boisterous pattern or keep it neutral, but either way you’ll be fashion forward and your goose bumps will stay away. Pair them with high or low boots, dresses, skirts, or leggings for maximum style.

Get some: https://www.abercrombie.com/shop/us/womens-socks-accessories/cozy-over-the-knee-socks-2722095_01

  1. The black jeans – High-wasted

A timeless classic to add a little texture to the usual monotony of black leggings. Black goes with everything and is flattering to all shapes and sizes, so black jeans are set to become an outfit fallback. The high waste makes you “taller” and holds everything in in that difficult stomach area. Pair them with a stylish gray, cropped sweater and some white low-top Converse and you are good to go.

Get Some: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=25281346&parentid=W_APP_JEANS#/

  1. The preppy pullover sweater

Cardigans may be all the rage, but this winter pullover sweaters are back in town. On your lazy days, they make a perfect addition to a pair of leggings and a pony tail. And, when you are looking to dress things up, try one with a skirt or dress. Cropped or long, these sweaters are a fashion must-have. That in mind, as you shop around, beware of 100% wool — though cozy it can also be a little itchy.

Get one: http://store.americanapparel.net/cropped-fisherman-pullover_rsakwcfpc

  1. The Timberland boots

Who ever said fashion couldn’t be practical? With these boots, you can be at school one moment and on the hiking trails the next. They are cute in a construction-worker kind-of-way, with an edge that will keep haters away. Pair them with rolled jeans or some cute socks and you are good to go.

Get some: http://shop.timberland.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4064124

  1. The long cardigan (with just about anything)

Don’t discount the cardigan. Though the traditional cardigans are still nice (one of our personal faves), this winter it’s the super-long cardigans that are all the rage. Though it may seem hard to pull it off if you aren’t super tall, we’re here to tell you that whatever your height this fashion must have will keep you warm head-to-toe – (almost) literally. Pair with jeans, leggings, or a skirt, along with some boots and you have an outfit.

Get one: http://bit.ly/14513Fs

  1. The turtleneck anything

Say farewell to scarves and dig out your grandma’s old turtleneck. This fashion phenomenon will help you to embrace some vintage vibes while simultaneously keeping your neck warm and cozy. Wear it over a flirty dress or pair it with some leggings and boots and you have an outfit that is hard to resist – even grandma will like it.

Get one: http://store.americanapparel.net/unisex-oversized-cotton-fisherman-turtleneck_rsakwftcw

  1. The wool coat

Here’s your chance to be a true style maven. While it may seem overly dressy or even a little adult to try to rock a wool coat, New York, London, and Paris fashionistas are all sporting wool coats of various hues. Though pricy, they are warm, high-class, and come in many varieties. Check out options ranging from a fun plaid to a traditional grey, and you’ll be toasty warm while waiting for the school bus, heading out to a party, or heading to an interview for a job next summer.

Get one: http://us.aritzia.com/product/pearce-wool-coat/39686.html?dwvar_39686_color=1274#start=11

  1. The socks with birks

Maybe it’s just a Portland, Oregon thing, but we think it should be an everywhere thing. We wear birks all summer, so why not continue to wear these ultra comfy creations all winter? All you need are some open-toed birk sandals and a pair of socks (patterned or simple), and you’re ready to join this ever-growing fashion trend. They are perfect for those days where you just want to wear a sweatshirt or don’t feel like putting any effort into your outfit. Or, you can kick things up a notch and wear them with a dress. Either way, you will look low-key and fashion forward. We love them!

Get some birks: https://www.birkenstockusa.com/products/women/sandals/arizona/mocha-birkibuc/15118

Get some socks: http://www.sockittome.com/women/styles/crew-socks-women/sushi.html

If you are lucky, Santa brought you a couple of the items above. If not, crank out a few more hours babysitting and head to the mall – the post-Christmas sales mean that many of the items above are available at crazy-low prices.



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