A Teen’s Take: “As community mourns, it is important to be vigilant”

By the Tower Editorial Board

The Tower (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

In the wake of the tragic Dec. 22 shooting of five teens just inside the border of Detroit, leaving one dead and three injured, many members of the community find themselves re-evaluating their views on the safety of Grosse Pointe’s neighboring city.

Many people, because they have never witnessed crime in Detroit firsthand, believe that it could never happen to them, But, just like in any big city, crime is an aspect of life. Because our exposure to the city is limited to glimpses, we may adopt an “it will never happen to me” attitude that has proven be fatal. This tragedy was a rude awakening to the Grosse Pointe community as we may not realize how close these crimes really are.

Detroit has once again been rated the most dangerous city in America by www.huffingtonpost.com, with 2,072 violent crimes per every 100,000 residents. Although that number is high, Detroit has been on a slight upward trend and the number of homicides is at it’s lowest since 1967, according to freep.com.

Being home to multiple professional sports teams, Wayne State University, a multitude of restaurants, theaters, offices and much more, Detroit is a destination for many Grosse Pointe citizens. So, while the city may be unpredictable we can not let a fear of danger or crime prevent us from exploring the downtown area.

No barrier resides on the streets of Alter and Mack, and though the community may joke, there is no bubble protecting Grosse Pointe from any kind of danger. Just because we live in a small community does not mean we are exempt from the danger every person faces just by leaving the house every morning. Bad things can happen anywhere, but rather than being afraid we should take precautions to be more careful. Anything is possible in this world and it is important to be careful whether walking around the Village or driving downtown.

Despite the risk, there’s no reason to completely cut oneself off from the city. It is necessary to take precautions when going out anywhere. Keep in contact with people so they know where you are, make sure to know the directions, stay in a group, be aware of your surroundings and stick to populated areas; these steps help to ensure safety.

While the community mourns the tragic loss of Paige Stalker, the city of Detroit as a whole is not to blame for the tragedy. With everything we do, there is a risk of danger, but to be vigilant, cautious and use common sense is the greatest defense against a dangerous world.

Photo Credit: Matteo Paciotti

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