New Application “Swipe” Gains Popularity

By Joseph Endler

Catlin Speak (Portland, Oregon)

During the last few weeks, a new social media application has grown rapidly in popularity around the world. Its name is Swipe.

Swipe is a free application available on the App Store, and has a very simple premise. It connects the user to their phone contacts in a way never available before. Users and their friends can share photos anonymously, which can also be posted to a mainframe.

Swipe users receive a notification every time one of their friends posts a photo. They can either choose to like the photo by swiping left, or moving on by swiping right. These two options make up the entirety of the application.

Another problem with the new app is that it frequently invites users to invite their friends to use the app, through an automated text message. While swiping through friends photos, every once and awhile an option pops up to invite one of the users’ specific contacts. It is very common for people to accidentally swipe yes and send this invite unintentionally.

However, although Swipe has some issues, it seems like this app is here to stay. According to the App Store, 235 out of 508 reviewers rated Swipe 5 out of 5 stars. As the app continues to gain users, their popularity may also continue to increase.

To learn more or purchase Swipe, visit the App Store.

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