Purrrrrringtons Cat Cafe

By Hannah Spitzer

Southridge Highschool (Beaverton, Oregon)

There was big excitement for cat lovers all throughout the Rose City this weekend, as Portland’s first cat café opened on January 24th. People young and old lined up for the chance to meet snugly cats while enjoying savory coffee, tea, or wine. Purringtons Cat Lounge, owned by Kristen and Sergio Castillo, partners with Cat Adoption Team to spread four-legged love far and wide. The café is an excellent way for people to bond with the cats and, hopefully, get those cats adopted!

Purringtons has taken careful precautions in order to ensure that the cats’ wellbeing is of highest priority. Patrons are required to handle the cats gently, and are not allowed to pick them up at any time. The cats are closed off from the kitchen and dining section of the café, and many sets of doors prevent high-speed chases though the streets of Portland after loose cats! Children must be supervised at all times, and no children under the age of four are permitted. Local veterinarians also regularly inspect the felines to be sure that they’re in tip-top condition. While these regulations may seem tedious, they ultimately ensure that the cats are happy and healthy.

Hopefully the existence of the café will increase the number of adoptions through Cat Adoption Team. The café will increase awareness to the general public, and make it easier for many to come enjoy a furry visit. In the relaxed environment, it is easy to fall in love with a particular feline or two! While Purringtons does encourage people to adopt, there are precautions in place to prevent the loveable creatures from falling into the wrong hands. Just like through the traditional animal shelter, adoptions must be prescheduled ahead of time, and same-day adoptions are not permitted. This allows the workers time to go through the proper adoption procedures, and also to prevent rash, in the heat of the moment decisions. After all, the goal is to find the cats forever homes, not find them back in the streets!

Purringtons Cat Lounge is currently taking visit reservations, and is located at 3529 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Be sure to stop in for prime refreshments, and especially to cuddle a furry feline or two!


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