Catlin Gabel Sophomore Ari Bluffstone Auditions for America’s Got Talent

By Reuben Schafir

CatlinSpeak (Portland, Oregon)

Singer and Catlin Gabel Sophomore Ari Bluffstone ’17 auditioned Monday in Seattle, Wash. for the reality TV show “America’s Got Talent.”

“I sang ‘It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday’ by Boyz II Men,” said Bluffstone.

“It was successful,” he commented. “I performed for this one producer and she seemed to like me.”

However when asked if he thought he would make it, he replied in his normal humble manner saying, “probably not. But, you never know. I hope so, but the chances are also pretty slim.”

“I think that he’s an amazingly talented person and I know he’ll sing his heart out,” said close his friend, Elke Kiva ’17. “I wish him the absolute best of luck and I really hope he does well.”

Bluffstone has sung at Catlin Gabel assemblies in the past. Throughout the student body, he is know as a soft spoken student who can often be seen on campus singing along with a guitar played by his close friend Cal Fenner ’17.

Bluffstone and Fenner’s cover of “The Way I Am” can be found on YouTube. Other song covers can be found on his YouTube channel here.

Photo Credit: Reuben Schafir

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