Creative Writing Corner: “Let them do as they please”

By Gunnar Fairbairn

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Prompt: Write about the quote “Let them do as they please” for 10 minutes. 

My name is Jane, just Jane. I do not deal with any of that other name stuff. They are called ‘nicknames’ right! I hate nicknames and I really hate what they did with my last name. I stick with just Jane to avoid that issue as well. It really is kinda of a long story and one that I might have to crop together if I were to tell it in such a short time. Here it goes anyway.

It was my first year of highschool and arguably the worst. Nothing is the same as middle and I made sure of that when I applied for a catholic high school. The walls were full of deities I had no relationship with or fondness and the floor was this ugly blue and brown tile. At the time of my arrival a new craze had been going on. The craze was called ‘slap face’ or ‘slapcam’ and the point was to make fun of anyone who younger you. I , being a freshman, was the perfect target. Some girls told me the meeting for the track team would be in the locker room. Being the committed long distance runner I was I headed straight to the locker room without any notion of trickery. I didn’t see it coming and what happened next changed my name forever.

They spread the video all across txt message and eventually on facebook. It was hilarious for this scrawny freshman to walk into a girl’s locker room and then in slow motion, curtise of apple’s Iphone, get hit in the face with a handful of soap. That is the issue though. They didn’t just get my face, but they got my left ear and while it rung I heard a chant a collective “ohh” and then laughter. After that I was called “Jane the bubbly” and “Jane Mo.” That is short for slow motion by the way for all of you old folk. The worst memory I have from that day was not how the video went viral, not how my face looked covered in bubbles, not the end of certain friendship, but what I heard from my gym coach. I looked toward the gym office and what did I hear come out of his jowly mouth “Let them do as they please.”

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