Gunnar’s Creative Writing Corner: “From her sunshine nothing can give shade”

By Gunnar Fairbairn

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Prompt: Taking about 10 min write a piece in response to the following quote from poem Of the Lady Pietra Degli Scrovingi “From Her sunshine nothing can give shade” 

It takes only one happy memory to justify a hundred sad ones. “ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five” the crowd is on the edge of their screaming and of crying “four, three” its an impossible feeling that is only fitting for such a wondrous endeavor “three, two, one, Lift Off.” The crowd is cheering and jumping. Nothing can stop this outward feeling of joy. It only takes that one good memory and fiction of paradise in our mind to go on. All of these great feelings and were hard for me to forget and for the last four months I had not

There will be a lot of numbers in this and so many more to help give the evidence of where I stand. Sometimes on the edge of screaming and of crying. It is always better to crying though because crying only hurts one person. If you were to add one angry comment from me it would multiply. If you subtract one horribly confused young man from a situation you do not run the risk of effecting four girls or every person passing by.

I had a lot of great memories with her and I still have so many. I see myself in her and I see strength. She walks in every day with a few stomps and tired eyes. Why would she ever be fully awake? She has danced every night away in her classes that truly challenge her. This thing we call school is merely routine stress pushing her become better academically. I walk up to her as I do almost everyday. I confess I am losing my nerve for the lack of reaction is so defeating. I will have my say and her simple response will read like poetry to my ears. She is too tired to say much so why do I expect so much? It is not always like this

I roll into lunch and join the gang. Their are people of all sorts her, but we all share this community within the school. We have anything to argue about, anything to lament, anything to complain about, and most importantly unfailing confidence in sharing all we have to say. She is there as well and she is smiling. She has in the past grabbed both my hands in the most sincere and natural gesture begging to know why I am upset? Why I don’t tell her what I need? Again she is smiling, but not at a joke a friend has made, but at a computer screen privately only she understands. That smile well I can’t fight laughing and smiling as well. It’s true and I hope people understand why I have become so greedy for it. “From her sunshine nothing can give shade.”

“They don’t see we’ve become their mirrors”

It can be a rough subject and it can by an eye opening one. I don’t really like thinking about it, but I do anyway and a great writer once showed me that pessimism brings it out of us. Some call it the beast within. Other call it skills we have picked up along the way. I don’t allow it to affect me because I chose everyone of these skills. My curiosity drove me to this one place called my character. I’m talking about all of these treasures that we have picked up or selected along the way.

Who am I a protege of? Who is my master? And what have I become because sometimes I don’t even know. He taught be a sense of humor that was rather crude and they laughed encouraging my creativity. I can figure all of the dirty jokes out now and nothing stops me from coming up with my own. I can extremely touchy and flirtatious carelessly and who could have taught me that. I must have earned it somewhere. I recall all of this and feel my pessimism and my reaching goals collide.

All of those people I imagine and never forget don’t know. They will never see what I see and have the point of view. Every lesson and every trait I can’t seem to leave home without are with me now. I’m certainly not the only one who picked up these ghastly things. We all have them and share the darker sides of our nature. We can’t choose what we have given away. Well I guess all we can do is be ourselves and remember every once in awhile that at just a brief mentions or their names and well “they don’t see we’ve become their mirrors”

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