Russian senior opposition officer killed near the Kremlin

By Keegan Kaas

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On February 27th  around 11:00 p.m. Boris Nemtov was shot 4 times and killed near the Russian government building known as the Kremlin. Nemtov was a senior officer for the political party in opposition with the Russian government giving most people reason to believe that this killing was an assassination ordered by the Russian government. Nemtov beliefs in western ideals and promotion of a fully democratic Russia made him a common enemy of Putin. The timing of Nemtov’s death is also very peculiar, since he was killed the day before he was to lead a peace march to end the war in Ukraine. Many were set to attend the march making it potentially extremely detrimental to Putin’s image. Numerous sources confirm that Nemtov had also been working on an exposé that would have run Putin into the ground. This exposé had evidence that would provide justification that Russian military was being used in Ukraine, which is an unjustified action with harsh consequences.

In response to all of these suspicions and allegations of Putin’s involvement in the murder Putin’s spokesperson recently stated “this brutal murder has all of the hallmarks of a contract killing and is a pure provocation”. Alongside this it is said that Putin will be taking on the investigation of Nemtov’s murder personally and hopefully publicly as well. It is uncertain to the public eye whether or not Putin preformed a contract killing on his political foe, Boris Nemtov, however given the circumstances of the murder it is an important time in history, now more than ever, for the world to be keeping a very close eye on Russia.



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