Spring’s Hottest Trends for your Closet

By Abigail Warren

The Tower (Grosse Point, Michigan)

With the change in the seasons, comes a change in wardrobe for most women. With these key pieces, your wardrobe will be set for the new season.

Fit and Flare Dress: The Fit and Flare dress is one of the top trends for this spring season. It’s the perfect style that accentuates the waist for every body type. While it brings out the curve of the waist, it also de-emphasizes the unappealing “thunder thigh” leg feature that women can sometimes have. It can be paired with a wedge or a heel to wear for a night out or with a simple sandal for more of a casual look.

Boyfriend Jeans: It’s hard to find something attractive about a pant named “boyfriend”, but this jean is a complete style-booster. Despite the name, the baggy fit of the pant gives off a relaxed look and can be a comfortable addition to your closet which is always a plus. A Converse or Van style complements the jean perfectly by maintaining the laid-back look. It can also be paired with a casual wedge to rev up the  jean.

Skirt With A Split: If you’re looking for class and sass, the skirt with a split is exactly what you’re seeking. This skirt combines the idea of class while adding a little something else with the slit. The sky-high slit with a bodycon fit brings out the curves, creating an appealing look for all body types. This dress is usually worn for a more formal occasion. Pairing it with a strappy heel adds more of the feminine style,  although it could be paired with a pump to bring out an edgier look.

Fringe Purse: Carrying a purse is typically a staple for most women. We need to hold our junk somewhere, so we might as well do it fashionably.The fringe purse incorporates a light, earthy look while adding a touch of a feminine feel. It is a purse that’s easy to wear with almost every casual look and can even be worn with a dressier outfit if paired correctly. The fringe layers of the bag gives the look some movement that attracts many to not only the purse but also the outfit as a whole.

Flared Jeans: Although it may be hard to believe, the flared jean phase is coming back after all these years of  the skinny, fitted jean. To some, this pant may seemed old-fashioned, but now, more than ever, this look is on the rise. Due to the fact that everyone is so used to the skinny look, right from the start this jean is attracting to the eye. On top of that, this jean is appealing to all body types. The flare on the end of the pant focuses on the shape and curve of legs rather than focusing on the size of the legs. The flared jean can be paired with stylish tennis shoe to keep it simple or a pump to change in into a night-out outfit.

Jean Jacket: The jean jacket is a timeless closet piece that is a must for any wardrobe, especially in the spring time. You truly cannot go wrong with a jean jacket. It’s typically a lighter jacket that has a cozy fit. And although light, it can most definitely keep you warm on those cooler spring nights. It’s mainly worn in the daytime because of the more casual denim material, but can also be worn out with a nice pair of pants and some pumps.

The Leather Jacket: Many may think of a leather jacket only being wearable during the fall or winter season. However, a leather jacket is ideal for a season that is a little unpredictable such as spring. The wonderful thing about this jacket is that it can keep you warm on those chillier spring days while still adding a fashion sense to your outfit. To give off more of an edgy look, pair that jacket with a darker pant and a vibrant pump. To keep your look more girly and feminine, pair the jacket with a simple blouse and a skirt. Either way a leather jacket is a huge statement in fashion.

Maxi dress: Two words to describe this look would be comfy and effortless. What girl wouldn’t want to be comfy while still looking stunning? This dress is known as a go-to outfit that makes getting ready effortless but still leaves someone looking incredible. On top of the comfort level, the warmth of the dress is perfect for the spring time weather. Not too heavy for the spring weather but also not too bare.

The Kimono Sweater: This sweater is derived from the Kimono robe that is worn in the Japanese culture. It is a loose, wide-sleeved sweater that is now a huge trend here in our fashion. This sweater is a perfect addition to any outfit. Not only does it add style, but it adds a sense of movement that is pleasing to the eye. This can be worn with almost anything which is a major bonus. It can be worn over shorts, pants and even dresses.

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