May Day Protesters Occupy Pioneer Courthouse Square, Burnside Bridge

By Reuben Schafir

CatlinSpeak (Portland, Oregon)

Protestors at the annual May Day protest clashed briefly with Police on Friday, May 1.

While no arrests were made, several protestors were pepper sprayed. Members of the group Don’t Shoot PDX protested police violence, while other protestors from the “15 Now” campaign marched in support of a $15 minimum wage. A small group of protestors blocked the Burnside Bridge, however the group soon dispersed.

1-1000x650 One protestor holds a sign in support of Police body cameras for “dirty cops.” (Photo: Reuben Schafir)

5-1000x650Signs in favor of a higher minimum wage were stuck in a trash can in Pioneer Courthouse Square. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)


8-1000x650-2A small group of protestors briefly blocked the Burnside bridge. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)



A “15 Now” signs in favor of a $15 minimum wage stuck in the hand of a statue in Pioneer Courthouse Square. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)

2-1000x650Another protestor stands above the KGW Studio in The Square holding a flare which he later threw in front of the studio. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)



Milk on the bricks of the Square, which was remnants of a hasty makeshift medical antidote for those sprayed with pepper spray by Portland Police officers. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)




Several protestors continued to block part of the Burnside bridge even after others had left. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)

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