Gunnar’s Creative Writing Corner: Rhyming Poetry

By Gunnar Fairbairn

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Prompt: Creating a poem following the rhyme scheme: abab, cdcd, efef, gg. Us the couplet to provide a conclusion, amplification, or even refutation of the previous three stanzas. Be creative as always (the challenge is how to be creative within the confines of a set rhyme scheme). 

The Catlin Gabel Grape Vine Makes Tears

Oh you are a summoner, no way man

Yes its an honor to rile people, up

Don’t you find that sinister, young pup-ay

No not at all, it is quite satanic


Well if I must elaborate on satanic

You mean satanic Things you old scallywag

Come on now, Don’t be a drag Constance

I’m nothing of the sort, actually quite manic


I would describe myself as a bouncing bean

Oh that is true, you are quite dramatic

I am a slab of wood ready to be burned

Does this relate to your love seen? Perhaps?

Perhaps it does, let’s be democratic though

Indecisiveness is what churns it


Are you insinuating something about..

Democracy! yes I am, Don’t Panic

I’m fine, your political views are not

My views on such things sunk like Titanic


How do views sink dramatically?

Quite easy when you are manic like me


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