Gunnar’s Creative Writing Corner: Free Write

By Gunnar Fairbairn

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Prompt: Set a timer for 10-15 min and just write. Don’t think, don’t edit, just let it flow!

No where stood a greater a figure. He simply had it all because no one person could match the might of his muscular psychic. He immediately was seen as greater thanks to this even if he was not the smartest fellow. What is strength and beauty without a great mind? Well in this short tale strength is all you need to have.

Trapped in the small cavern 10,000 ft underground was this same great figure. He prefered the name Lance rather essence-of-male-perfection. Lance was much simpler and he would often have to remind people to drop the nicknames they had created and just call him Lance. The reason Lance was 10,000 ft underground in a small gave was simple. He had decided to become a miner and he was not the smartest miner. He told the Boss he could lift anything they needed and it would be his pleasure to help out down in mines. Lance’s true goal was to gain another skill and a story to tell to his usual bar entourage. Instead of telling the Boss these things he showed him his greatest skill and somehow Lance even made coal dust look like the latest in male fashion. The Boss always ready for a good laugh decided he would scare Lance into becoming wiser. To do this he sent Lance down into the mines.

Once in the mines Lance started to feel the heat of the earth around him and he also started to feel the isolated. To get rid of his worry he casually juggled some of his 15 lbs weights that he kept with him. Lance did not account for the elevator going downward and mis-judged one of his tosses of the weights. This weight flew out of the open rusty elevator cart and made some popping sounds, which were followed by more popping sounds and more. Soon an avalanche over rocks cascaded down the tunnel and his elevator started to vibrate with the shifting of the earth. When the rumbling stopped and every rock had fallen Lance found the one thing he could lift nor smooth talk his way out of. Still in the elevator surrounded by rock he climbed about and started scaling the mine shaft walls.

With something more than strength he made it out of that small cave 10,000 ft underground. He used perseverance and self motivation. It is quite easy to motivate yourself if you regard yourself so high mighty already. Lance knew he was the essence-of-male-perfection, no one stood a greater figure than him, and he could it. He had quite the story to tell when he finally made it out and the Boss seemed pleased with Lance now feeling no more need to put him in his place. In a letter he wrote to Lance after the incident he said “although you got yourself into this mess, you perseverance got you out and I like that. I like it a lot.”

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