The waiting game: Senior reflects on college application process

By Emma Turco

The Tower (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

Everyone talks about how senior year is the best year of their life. In a sense- this is true. The excitement of what’s to come adds a certain thrill to the year; however, much of my year was spent waiting and worrying about an unknown future.

Towards the end of the summer, incoming seniors begin applying to college. This process can include creating a common app account and writing endless creative yet personal essays. While many people dread this process, I somewhat enjoyed it. I felt so proud of my accomplishments and involvement as I filled out the little spaces of my extra-curricular activities or background information on the applications.

For me, however, the worst part was waiting to hear back from the colleges.

After nervously sending applications, students can wait for few days to a few months to hear back from their desired universities.

I have never been a patient person, so waiting to hear back from my top choice, Michigan State (MSU), was torture. The worst part was continuing to wait after my friends already heard back. Even though I had been accepted to other universities, my heart was set solely on MSU.

Not so patiently, I waited until November, where I was told I would have to wait more. This process continued until I was finally admitted for the fall in May. However, I know many other students have gone through this same process, and it takes a toll.

Getting an acceptance letter to the school of your dreams is the most amazing and relieving feeling in the world. It gives a sense of security and comfort that everything you’ve worked for throughout high school has finally paid off.

Even if students hadn’t had their heart set on a certain school, committing to a school causes a feeling of empowerment by giving students the power to control their future.

Many factors can go into selecting a university. A vast majority of students take into account the amount of financial aid they received, the distance of the university from their home, and their level of comfort at the school. Some students may even consider how many people they know at the school.

All of these factors helped to influence my decision. It was very important to me that I wouldn’t have large amounts of debt after graduating college and how prestigious my desired major was at Michigan State.

As the final activities of senior year begin to roll around, such as prom and graduation, I commonly wonder if I made the right choice. After being so used my path of education being chosen for me, it’s a relief-filled adjustment to know that I chose where I’ll be next year.

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