The New KFC Keyboard

By Gunnar Fairbairn

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As part of a promotional campaign in Germany KFC, usually only synonymous with greasy fried chicken, released a hi-tech disposable keyboard with their food. The KFC Keyboard is a fully functioning bluetooth device as thin as tray paper. The idea behind the campaign is that your hands will get greasy from eating their chicken, which makes it hard to use your phone or device. Rather than wiping your hands off like a simpleton they have given you a personal Tray Typer to send out all your texts and navigate your phone for business purposes.

The keyboard looks like this:Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.27.25 AM

The Verge reports some issues:

  • The keyboards in Germany were being taken home rather disposed
  • They ran out of keyboards very quickly in the promotional locations
  • It isn’t even the craziest campaign KFC has created thanks to a campaign in Japan that included a full keyboard and mouse set although not as thin
  • How necessary is this really

Given that the Tray Typer has been featured on the Verge and got so much media I  would say no matter how absurd this is it’s a successful campaign. Also this displays how far we have come with technology. We can build cheap keyboards that are disposable and can connect to modern day devices with ease. With such simple technology should we be giving out keyboards of this form to schools as way to save money rather than have the latest technology be used in advertisement campaign for a fast food restaurant? Any thoughts? See the poll below.



For some of the issues of the Tray Typer from The Verge article click here.

Image Credit: USAToday, The Verge

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