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Football and Lightning

By Gunnar Faibairn

WANT Original Content

A response to the recent FIFA corruption scandal

This may be enlightening to few people, but even soccer has its corruption

The leadership of the lightning game has finally fell way to destruction

The leather shoes, hot tempers, and mucho dinero made the organization corrupt

For soccer to earn its true emancipation one of the heads had to be cut


Blatter has stepped down, but the future may still be full of bribes.

How does a country built on oil and 120 degree temperatures host a world cup?

How does a Russia’s attack on Crimea not invoke at least a “what’s up?” from FIFA

Well money silences and money spreads and sometimes to keep things quiet millions are exchanged


The lightning game has to change course if it’s going survive the modern age

People care a lot of about it, they will be enraged if in this age they can’t cage aways the greedy

It’s quite simple much like the penalty kick you either hit or miss

No do overs no second chances.

For more information on FIFA corruption click here:

Also I Highly recommend John Oliver’s Explanation of FIFA’s recent actions

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