Gunnar’s Creative Writing Corner: 6/11

By Gunnar Fairbairn

WANT Original Content

This week Gunnar worked on rewriting. Set the timer for five min. and see what you come up with!

Education must exist with the interpersonal

Grading is more an assessment of how well you worked with people

No need to think of the existential in school

Its all about the interpersonal

Like conquerer, dictator, or king; a student must master manipulation

A student may wear fashionable ropes and crown himself with his understanding of technology

The ceptor is constantly changing as well; whether it be a pencil, paper, or computer

Waltzing into class each day its easy to just sit back and listen to noise of people talking

Now if a student was like a warrior with carved muscle, confidence, and charm

No harm could come your wear if letter on paper were your wounds

Everyday the warrior and student could march slicing up assignment with ease

Wouldn’t that just be nice

Free write-

Small, scrunchy, and utterly glorious. Thomas lived in the Lower East End. A mucky place where the only nice things said are “good work.” The place ran on pure man power, oil grease, and was surrounded with brick buildings. Each city block had two story apartment houses scrunched together or factories dripping with oil and pumping sooty smoke out there chimneys. Truly the one time a poor little scoundrel felt clean was when he had gotten a good sweat in at work and cleaned off some of his grease stains with the dripping water. Sweating always meant more work though because summer meant more export of coal, pins, buttons, and the works.

Thomas lived in this little world that never seemed to brighten, but fade darker day by day. He ought to have left the industry long ago when he was little. In his mid-teens he can’t leave now. The small pay is all he is worth to his family and if he leaves them then things will only get worse. Outside his world of order, manual labor, hussle, bussle, and intense stares seemed to be nothing.

Well until he met Boss. Everyone called Boss that “the Man”, “the Talker”, or just “the Boss.” The reason being because he got things done. He rose out of his skilled labor job and started a company of ten men delivering letters and mail from factory to anywhere. His ten guys did everything shipping wise and he was hiring hard working men everyday. He hired Thomas as well. Pretty lucky guy because now he had a way out.

In a night of good shipments and big profits “the Boss” called Thomas over with the snap of his greasy fingers. Thomas listened him speak, but didn’t connect the words. The Boss said “Little Thomas, you are a small man, a scrunchy fellow, but I know when you open that mouth you can be utterly glorious,” Thomas did open that mouth of his, but what came out was more of stammered “uh thanks…Boss.” Boss patted him on the head and said “the world is open to ya, go out there and pursue something special.” Thomas not ever thinking about the world beyond the factories became very inspired then.

Responding to Boss’s advice Thomas started running around talking to every gal he had ever dreamed of. Interesting place to start, but I mean he was in his mid-teens so what else would you expect. Eventually he discovered a great need for special materials that only the girls could appreciate. He talked to some of the guys and started a little factory producing the special materials; he talked to ladies some more; he started talking to men; eventually he saw it. The world was much bigger and people loved Thomas much more than they he could ever know.

He had people to care for now and customers to provide more. Thomas had to come to terms with the fact that he was “the Boss 2.” Thomas would be utterly glorious as long as he stopped closing up his world and kept inviting people in.

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