“Toughest Sheriff in America,” Joe Arpaio, Speaks at Rally to Supporters and Counter-Protestors

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By Reuben Schafir
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, known as the ‘Toughest Sheriff in America,” spoke on the steps of the Oregon Capitol Building at rally hosted by the Oregon Republican Party Saturday. Arpaio, known for his questionable use of force and conservative approach to immigration, has been convicted on charges concerning racial profiling and discrimination.
Protesters showed up in force on Saturday in a counter-rally against Arpaio. Hosted by Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) and Causa (both organizations support he rights of immigrant workers), the number of counter-protestors outnumbered those attending the rally.
While several attendees of the rally carried handguns, the protest remained peaceful, although heated arguments between pro-Arpaio and anti-Arpaio citizens did take place. The following photo essay was submitted by a WANT reporter on the ground at the event and helps to capture the continued tumult of the American immigration system.
Migrant workers, and volunteers at organizations supporting migrant workers such as PCUN and Causa organized the event on Saturday.  (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
Protestors chanting during Sheriff Arpaio’s speech, during which he acknowledged the protestors across the street. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
Arpaio supporters (left) arguing with anti-Arpaio protestors in front of the Capitol Building. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
Counter-protesters in front of the Oregon State Capitol Building Saturday. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Salem Saturday. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
An Arpaio supporter facing the anti-Arpaio crowd. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
 Sheriff Arpaio crossing the street to confront the protestors before leaving Salem. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
The crowd chanted “Go Home, Arpaio” Saturday. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
The counter-protestors shouting and singing along to the national anthem, as it is played at the Republican-hosted rally. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
  Counter-protestors lining the street in front of the Capitol Building. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)
A drawing posted on telephone poles and leaflets depicting Sheriff Arpaio dressed in stereotypical mexican clothing. (Photo: Reuben Schafir)

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  1. danielwalldammit

    There is nothing tough about Arpaio’s policies. He knows how to hurt people under his control and rally the support of malicious people. This isn’t courage or toughness. It’s just opportunism.

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