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Orignal Content by Gunnar Fairbairn

Editing by Sydney Palmer

Orignal Content by Gunnar Fairbairn

Editing by Sydney Palmer

Last weekend we had the pleasure of interviewing the three main founders of a fashion and makeup tutorial youtube channel. On average the three girls get 30,000 views per video with the most popular being their outfits of the week. Their channel called Saramorriley combines their names Sara, Emma, and Riley, but also their love of fashion, personalities, and strong sense of self. Although that is the name they started with the channel has gone through much change. Starting in 8th grade the twins Sara and Emma started filming their lives and making music videos with the channel name “Bbinfections.” People at their highschool today still call them “the infectionl” , but they swear its not a derogatory term just a joke left from their youtube beginnings. Later the twins Sara and Emma met their best friend and almost third twin Riley who had in the 7th grade loved running a youtube channel with her friend. After Riley’s co founder to her channel ditched her she came running to the Saramoriley. Along the way never losing her sense of fashion and passion for making videos. From 8th grade to their junior year the three continued to make videos ane continued to be absorbed in the welcoming youtube community.

“Well there used to be four of us, but the fourth moved to a different school so that didn’t last” says Riley

The channel has had its fair share of drama, but persistence and consistency the girls has created a following. Upon hearing it the want team had interview them and they were family friends making it all the more easier to get contact. The Want team was glad we did because it was a very fun interview. Meeting at local coffee shop Baker & Spice our interview started out like this.

“Well I’m Riley, I’m Sara, and I’m Emma and we have a youtube channel where we talk about fashion, make up, and just talk about us”

They are quite relaxed and comfortable about posting these videos and it clearly has acted as a confidence booster in their lives. Emma and Sara have a strong sense of individuality and confidence. Matching this with fashion sense their image has become melded well with their youtube channel. Riley the third twin is charismatic and always helpful seeming to alway enjoy making videos. The three are inseparable and seem to feed of each for laughter confidence. Even though Riley isn’t a twin by blood Sara and Emma do have her back.

This strong sense of individuality has also carried on into their channel. They are not sellouts and don’t campaign for subscribers and likes. This led me to wonder how much money they make from the channel.

“We make a fair bit, but it’s only enough for us to go out and buy a t-shirt once in awhile”

Given the little profit made from the channel Saramoriley’s content is only what they want to make and what they want to post. As Emma said “Well if isn’t fun then I wouldn’t do it: One of the main mistakes is when people go on youtube to make money and get tons of subscribers, we’ve never told people to like and subscribe. The three girls are never out there to please, but to make fun and make the videos they want to make, which speaks that strong

sense of independence throughout their channel.

What they say is true of Youtubers. Youtubers get very good at selling their lives on camera to viewers and advertisers who want their audience and since they started in the 8th grade they’ve had time to mature and overcome the troubles of living their lives in public eye. They’ve had time to ignore the youtube comments and come to love making videos and sharing them with loyal fans. We asked them how this youtube channel has effected their social lives because 30,000 loyal fans and more around the world should make things different. They told us “we usually ignore the people at school, but we get spotted every now and then by a fan, once at a cheer competition we ran into this girl and was like omg your from that channel can I take picture?” They also recall their first videos with a little guilt.

“We had so many stupid videos early on and since made them private, it was just really embarrassing”

Through the years they have changed so much that now they can look back on what videos they used to make and what the could have done better. Also within those years they have found healthy mix between  youtube life and real life. They don’t go out of their way to make videos their fans like, but videos they love themselves. They try posting a video every wednesday, which adds up while also Instagramming, twitter, and the works. Its part of the job to show off a bit and if their viewership continues to grow then every way they express themselves online will be admired.

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