WANT NVRD – “Youth Involvement” (Acrostic Poem)

By Gunnar Fairbairn

WANT Original Content

In honor of National Voter Registration Day (September 22nd) our creative man Gunnar created this exciting acrostic poem on the topic of youth involvement in and engagement with politics.

You and many others are the majority
Outstandingly a little post, tweet, and message can shrink the enormity of your world if
U work together and unite through technology; roast through technology;
Toast through technology; then it is possible, if not inevitable that you created change
Hell I think you should be celebrated

Interestedly enough collaboration and the word has become toss able
Now what is created
Very easily is proliferated
Oh, why should it not? Do the youth have the patience to be idle
Lament, you must for those for pushed out and vote alongside those who have made it in
Many are not in the in, but they are entitled
Everyone can see they are and youth create more ways to see every day
Narcism doesn’t even quite pay
The challenge would be to get involved today

Image Credit: Wikipedia 

About Grace Masback

Grace Masback, 17, aspires to give voice to the voiceless and holds the modest ambition of becoming the voice of Gen Z. Frustrated by the dearth of impactful platforms for teen journalists, she founded WANT, a news, sports, and entertainment website that aggregates the best in high school journalism from school newspapers and teen bloggers around the world (www.wantnewsforteens.com).

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