The Democratic Debate in Free verse

By Gunnar Fairbairn
To quote the great man still standing
“We’ve heard enough about your emails. No one wants the details”

We will see, Bernie

Let me just grind his politics on lathe
Trying to make americans not slaves
More americans in jail and more unemployed
More americans hail the socialist or be destroyed
Ahh them emails that not even got Bernie annoyed
You know her, she isn’t one of the boys
She is the robot of politics and in it too
Walk around the stadium like Clinton 2 democrat 2
Lincoln Chaffee don’t even know who he is
Don’t know his politics or if he is just part of the biz
Ludacris to think that O’Malley is even in game
Only fame I see is what we share the same; youth
Youth that means an extra tooth or two and undyed hair
More publicity was given to the Popes humble chair
Bernie is right, it isn’t fair
It seemly like the democrats don’t even care
Republicans got them beat 40-5 in the first quarter
Donald Trump gets by talking a stronger border
Its like Republicans can say hell all and democrats gotta be polite
Bow your heads, click your heels, smile, act contrite
I don’t know what games the democrats are even playing
Like they got different units for what they are saying
Republicans playing Basketball and trumping the competition
Democrats are playing soccer and making us wait ninety minutes for intermission
I don’t know wether this is tradition or just the swing
Ain’t no one paying attention to democrats like Bing
Yes, Bing the search engine that O’Malley doesn’t come up on
Bernies Sanders on the other hand has ton
Even has a meme showing that he is involved with youth
If he keels over, looses a tooth, we would love him for exposing the truth
For more information click here to see CNN’s round up and clips
Image credit: CNN News

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