The American Success Story Explained by a Teenager

By Sasha Agapiev

Carpe Ventures

All countries strive to succeed and to win the everlasting financial war that divides our world. Most countries try their best to conceal this truth and to hide behind a fictive, more appealing appearance, while those who succeed accept this fact and give no regard to what others will think of it.

Europe has been living off its made-up image for quite some time now. France is known by the world as a magical land of perfumes and expensive wines, while Spain is seen as the place where rich culture meets great food and beaches. It is nice to think that the entire continent is an exotic mix of history and sophistication, a place full of beautiful sights and diverse people. This is all great. As a tourist you can enjoy all of these things, create memories, and so on and so forth.

I’m not saying that Europe has none of these things, because it does have some incredible places, but what I’m saying is that from a financial perspective, this is all meant to conceal what is actually happening. The governments want you to believe that European people are much classier than those greedy Americans who only care about making money, and they use this cultural cover to support their claim. But in reality, they are the same. There’s America, which is an ordinary rice cake, and then there’s Europe, which is a rice cake wrapped in a colorful, attractive wrapper which makes it look much more elegant. When you remove the wrapper and look at what’s hiding behind the curtain of lies, you realize that they’re both rice cakes, both equally awful and tasteless.

Americans have always known this, and haven’t failed to use it to their advantage. “While those Europeans worry about making their beaches look nice and making travel advertisements, we’ll just stick to doing what we do best and what’s most important: Making money.” And it really is that simple. America doesn’t masquerade itself in colorful, fictional stories about its nonexistent culture. When you think about it, America doesn’t have any sort of culture at all. It is a country founded on the basis of profiting and making wealth. It is a country of competition, hard work, carefully thought-out frauds, and run by people who would be willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent citizens in order to benefit themselves. Now, it may sound awful, but that’s because it is. Nevertheless, the American government has established that it would be much more beneficial to spend time inflating its stock market, supporting start-ups, creating wealth out of thin air, and taking out the economies of other countries rather than attempting to cover up its flaws.

Although ugly, these are the traits that allowed this nation to succeed and be a global hegemony for over a century.

There are many other circumstances that factor into this success story, but, in my fourteen-year-old opinion, there is only one major explanation. For the past hundred-or-so years, there has been no country that has been as direct and as money-oriented as America. That’s really all there is too it.

Nothing expresses this brutally straightforward mentality better than the quotes from those who have lived and died by the stock market.

Before I end, here’s some pleasant, American motivation to help you get through the week:

“There’s no nobility in poverty.”

-Jordan Belfort

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