Hawaii, stop throwing our tax money down a bottomless pit

By Meilin Quinn

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Due to the recent shutdown of Hawaii’s ObamaCare expansion, $205 million of funding from federal taxpayers will essentially turn into garbage. The state concluded operation costs were far too high, especially for the low 12,000 person enrollment and failed web portal. Currently, Hawaii is debating whether to risk another $30 million migrating the site to the federal one. In other words, Hawaii is debating whether to turn additional millions into more garbage.

ObamaCare is clearly a failed system. The law has already forced the termination of health insurance for an estimated 4.7 million Americans; insurance they personally had chosen to buy. In fact, The Congressional Budget Office has calculated that a staggering10 million Americans will be forced off their employer healthcare arrangements by 2021. In addition to that, many Americans will be left with narrowed coverage and without access to their chosen doctors. Why does ObamaCare exist when there are more effective alternatives that don’t waste our hard-earned tax money? Alternatives such as requiring that employers country-wide offer health insurance for their regular workers? You know, just like Hawaii does?

Hawaii’s Prepaid Healthcare Act require all employers offer health insurance for employees who work more than 20 hours a week. Not to mention, Hawaii’s current rate of uninsured health care recipients is only 6%. So is the “affordable” care act really necessary? With that $30 million, Hawaii could invest in job training, employment opport

unities, and more direct health care subsidies for those who qualify.

Direct subsidies from the government handed out in a form similar to, say, food stamps, wouldn’t require a web portal that is subject to failure, wouldn’t leave millions of Americans without their preferred health-care plans, and certainly wouldn’t waste as much tax money.

This topic is definitely not black and white, but, there are clearly far better alternatives to dumping $30 million on the federal turnover, and it is crucial Hawaii does not carry through with this plan.

Photo Credit: The Rough Rider

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