Kill The Heat!

By Xiaofei Mai

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Humidity has been a big issue recently. In August, the rainfall has reached as high as 3.53  inches and the temperature has reached over 90 degrees, breaking the previous records. The dynamic weather has caused extreme heat in school.  For most classes, there are only some fans beating the heat. Instead, the school has used the funds to purchase chromebooks, but the editors feel that the heat is distracting them from  concentrating in their classes.

Not installing air condition is clearly a mistake. The National Weather Service has reported that the Hawaiian Islands’ temperatures have broken weather records. Even though the school has purchased more fans for classrooms, it’s not enough. Students are sweating and uncomfortable when sitting in class.

Purchasing more air conditioners will not only increase the cost of electricity but also provides students with a good learning environment.

A possible solution is to take down one air conditioner from the classes that have two and move it other classes. It’s a way to use current existing materials to solve the heat problems. Also, air conditioners can be turned down in the winter as a way to balance out the cost of electricity from the summer. Another possible solution is to slowly buy air conditioners in the future until most classes have one.

Photo Credit: The Rough Rider

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