Syrian Refugees Following Paris Attacks

By Garrett Gage

The Roar (Leander, High School)

For one night, France went dark. On November 13, France was attacked by a string of ISIS terrorists leaving 129 dead and 352 wounded. With light of this attack, Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement saying that Texas will not be accepting Syrian refugees. Senior Joey Tkach said what he thinks America should do with refugees.

“I think it’s important to keep everyone safe but I think we shouldn’t have refugees in America,” Tkach said. “There could be a terrorist among them and that is what happened to France.”

Junior Dakota Stewart raised a point as to why we’re doing that. France also closed their borders after the attacks.

“I think we are just being safe so that’s a good thing,” Stewart said.

Junior Erin Barry, however, disagrees with Texas’ decision. France along with Belgium have both declared war on ISIS. Along with those countries, the internet hacker group Anonymous also declared war saying that “the French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger.”

“I think this is an ISIS thing,” Barry said. “We shouldn’t punish a religion for one group. We should have screenings for the refugees. Be a little safe about letting people in.”

Sophomore Melissa Horton explained her stance on the government making this decision.

“I don’t think we should generalize all Muslims are terrorists,” Horton said. “However, I see how the government is justified with their actions after Paris.”

Senior Mathew Weakley shares his thoughts on what we should do moving forward. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his country’s security and intelligence forces if France ever needs them.

“I think that the US needs to start taking ISIS more seriously,” Weakley said. “We also need to potentially need to send ground troops to help the effort.”

Photo Credit: The Roar 

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