High school dating: good or bad?

By Josie Satterfield

Hoof Print (McDonough, Georgia)

 In a place where rumors spread like wildfire, there is no room for a proper healthy relationship.

Everyone knows everything about your relationship and most will do anything to tear it apart. You can’t enjoy the other person’s company without worrying about the fact that your boyfriend just left another girl’s house before coming to yours, even if it was just to study.

Some relationships start simply for popularity reasons. People use others to gain popularity. Just by dating a person with a high status of popularity you move higher on the social ladder.

You see, I think that’s the thing that’s wrong with relationships at this time in our lives: we are still children. No matter how much we hate to admit it. We can’t control our feelings in a suitable manner without hurting someone in the process. We get jealous and attached to things/people too easily that it hurts us and the ones around us. I’m not saying that adults have it better than us or easier than us, I just think that they have more experience. Maybe their experience comes from dating in high school, but dating while in high school then is completely different than dating in high school now. There are about five levels of dating before you actually call them your boyfriend/girlfriend. There’s the “subtly staring and smiling” stage, then the “exchanging numbers” phase, and along the line the “talking” phase. Nowadays you can’t plainly ask someone on a date without seeming desperate or weird.

Maybe the problem with dating today at our age is that we are all scared of taking risks. We’re scared of being rejected. We go through five stages of dating to make sure that the other person is as invested in the relationship as we are. We are too scared to be ourselves that we miss out on enjoying our high school years.

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