How to Stay Fit This Fall Season

By Elluminanda Reyes

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Fall is the season of family festivities and Thanksgiving feasting. Here are five tips to help you stay fit this fall season.

1) Get a fitness buddy

Motivation from a friend will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and set new boundaries for yourself. Having a fitness buddy will help you try new things as well as extra support. With the help of a friend, you will be able to try new exercises.

2) Keep hydrated

Humans constantly lose water because of sweating and urinating which is why hydration is key to staying healthy. Drink at least two liters of water a day. Drinking water will help cleanse your body and prepare your body for a workout. Replacing water with soda will allow you to receive the right amount of calcium from your diet and will also make you thinner!

 3) Do your cardio! 

 Cardiovascular endurance is an important factor when it comes to losing weight or trying to stay toned. Try to fit cardio workouts in your day. Wake up before the sun rises and go for a morning run or jog to the beach and go for a swim. Cardio workouts involve increasing your heartbeat and blood vessels. Cardio should be longer than 90 seconds and involves fast movement.

 4) Eat healthy 

 Instead of eating a bag of chips or chocolate chip cookies, replace it with fresh fruits such as strawberries or oranges. The next time you go to grocery shop, make a list of healthy and organic foods. Having only organic  foods in your fridge will encourage you to eat more healthy.

 5) Join a fitness club 

Sign up to be a member at your local YMCA or recreation center so that you will have access to workout equipment. Places such as 24 Hour Fitness or Kaneohe Crossfit are places you are able to be a member at. Joining a fitness club will open new doors to help you reach your fitness goal. Personal trainers and members will guide you and help you learn new exercises.

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