Do it Yourself: Homemade Ornaments

By Jasmine Oguma

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Season’s greetings, it’s time to put up the christmas tree and decorations to go up with it. Many people like to reuse their old ornaments year after year, but that can get boring and ornaments can be expensive. Luckily there is a cheap, inexpensive, way to get new homemade ones.

 Lightbulb Ornaments



Old lightbulbs can not only make cute ornaments, but they also help to recycle. You can use these hardware products as ornaments for your christmas trees. Any type of lightbulb is fine, but usually the traditional oval shaped ones are easier.

These ornaments can be decorated any way, but you should be aware of covering up the electrical part. Snowman and Santa ornaments are easier to draw on lightbulbs then other christmas characters because the shape of the lightbulb matches with the design.

 Cinnamon Cookie Ornaments 

This is one ornament that will definitely make your tree smell like cinnamon. Be aware though, the ornaments may smell nice but they are not at all edible and don’t require you to bake them.

Completed ornaments made by a single homeschooling mom named Kimberly. Again she reminds us that we shouldn’t eat the ornaments.

Completed ornaments made by a single homeschooling mom named Kimberly.


– 1 cup of cinnamon
– ¼  cups of applesauce
– Rolling Pin
– Cookie Cutters
– Baking Sheets
– Mixing Bowl
– Pan

Step 1: Mix 1 cup of grounded cinnamon and ¼ cups of applesauce into a bowl.  Mix till it’s of a clay like consistency.

Step 2: Sprinkle some ground cinnamon on baking sheets and place dough on top.

Step 3: Roll dough out with your rolling pin, add some cinnamon if needed.

Step 4: Cut out ornaments designs using the cookie cutters (christmas themes recommended). Make sure you reuse any excess dough.

Step 5: Using a straw, push a hole into anywhere in the cookie. You can pull a string through to hang the ornament easier.

Step 6: Place all cookies out in a cool place and let it sit for about a week or until they all harden.

Photo Credit: Unsplash 

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