T.V. Review: “Empire”

By Wendylee Mahiai

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Empire, the one show that keeps you wanting more and more. It’s the perfect blend of soul, suspense and mystery. As the family blood thickens and the skeletons in the closets come back to life, the rivalry between Cookie and Lucious intensifies.

The past episode that aired (October 21,2015) on FOX had Andre written all over it. The clock has been ticking ever since we found out that Andre’s wife is pregnant (supposedly)and the burden of murder lay heavy on his conscious, the sins of his recent past have been haunting him.

Confessions of Andres sins come up and the family, as always, comes together to support his baptism.

Meanwhile, love is in the air or should I say it’s suffocating. Jamal is torn between a choice he already knows the answer to, but the control of his father Lucious is still thick in his mind. This side plot is something that is irrelevant and feels more like a space holder rather than an actual piece in the plot. A surprising delight appears in this episode but sadly he is just in there to give relationship advice.

The songs in this episode aren’t as soulful as they use to be, Jamal’s lyrics and voice feel forced instead of sounding natural and passionate. Having new up and coming artist is always exciting but when they disappoint you feel somewhat betrayed. Overall the suspense is still there as in the last minuet of the episode you get a sense of what the whole season will surround.

Season 1

The long anticipated show Empire premiered its first season, breaking a record of viewers in one night. The intense rivalry between Cookie and Lucious is clearly stated straight out of the first episode of the first season.

Lucious discovers he has a short term of life to live, and that causes him to announce to his sons that he has a mind set to pick the next person to run Empire. Three sons fight over who will claim Empire. Jamal, the soul song writer/singer, who is rebelliously gay. Andre the eldest who is a businessman, but also a loyal son to his father and the company, he suffers from being bipolar. Heikeim the baby of the family who is the one with the rappers attitude, he definitely hold true to the statement of the baby being the spoiled one in the family. Season one ends with many secrets and a shocking new Empire holder.

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