Five things to make you sound smarter this week

By Olivia Sheffer

The Tower (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

U.S. Military opens combat positions for women

The U.S. military decided to open up combat positions to women, offering 220,000 jobs. Even though there will be positions open to women, there will still be many women who are not qualified for the position, meaning that the policy won’t split the genders in the military, Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, said. Though women have completed the Army’s Ranger School, they haven’t been able to apply to be in the military until now. Some of the positions that will be available to women will be infantry, machine gunner, fire support and reconnaissance to men, Carter said. Even though a Marine Corps study showed that an all-male military would be more effective in combat and lead to less overall deaths than an integrated group, they decided it was time to open positions to women.

Four-year-old boy killed by pit bulls

In Detroit, a four-year-old boy was snatched from his mother and killed by a group of pit bulls. The mother called the police, and the three dogs were shot and killed by the officers. Xavier, the little boy, died while in surgery on Wednesday. The autopsy reported that he died due to the puncture wounds. The owner of the dogs was arrested, and was charged arraigned today in 36th district court, according to The Detroit Free Press.

US economy adds 211,000 jobs

The U.S. economy added 211,000 more jobs in November. With the large increase of jobs, it was predicted by the U.S. economy to have raised interest rates by the end of this month. October was the best month so far for job gains this year, October’s job gains were revised from 271,000 to 298,000. The most successful gains in the month of October were construction, healthcare and business services. There is almost a certainty that the government will raise interest rates in December.

Disease might cause bananas to go extinct

A new strain of disease is threatening the existence of the Cavendish banana, the one that most people in the United States eat. There is no way that the manufacturers of bananas can stop or contain this disease, called the Panama Disease Tropical Race 4. A study, published in PLOS Pathogens showed that the dying banana plants around the world are all suffering from Tropical Race 4, a more potent version of the Panama Disease. The researchers believe that the disease will hit the South Americas, which is where most of the world gets its banana crop.

Study suggests growing interest of women in terrorism

In the U.S., men account for the most supporters of the Islamic group, IS, but authorities are concerned that the number or women supporters of the group are on the rise. The rise in women supporters is believed to be linked to the terrorist group ISIS whose goal is to entice women to become brides for the men in the group and thus expand its regional dominance. When the group forms couples, it makes things more dangerous, according to the American Law enforcement since there are no surveillance tools that can be used when couples spend hours talking in their own homes.


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