New iPhones will not have headphone jacks

Recent reports from a trustworthy source in Apple has stated that the newer iphones yet to come will not have headphone jacks as they try to make new iphones slimmer.

“That’s stupid,” senior Nazym Sustaita said. “Where else are you going to listen for your music? No one is going to have a little carry on radio with them.”

The headphone jack will be replaced with the current plug that iphone users use to charge their phone. Some are concerned with the thought of Apple trying to force users to buy other things to be able to just listen to music.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” junior Jared Williams said. “If they are just going to go to bluetooth then that’s a little absurd, because headphones are a classic thing.”

Many are already voicing their complaints about the change. It is still unknown when the new iphone will come out, but it is often rumored that it will come out sometime next year. It is still not certain that Apple will go this route, but it is possible due to reports from a Japanese news site. However, many Apple users are still concerned about their headphones in future devices.

They would get a lot of complaints about it.”

— Jared Williams

“What if you have to charge your phone and you want to listen to music?” Sustaita said. “That’s going to be really difficult. Either my phone’s going to die, or I want to listen to music.”

Williams believes that it would even have huge backlash towards the company.

“They would get a lot of complaints about it,” Williams said. “It’s a cool idea, but at the same time it’s not a smart idea.”

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