The Rough Rider: Holiday Traditions

By Lexus Sagisi

Students in Honolulu, Hawaii talk about their holiday traditions. 

As the years go by, we get older and forget what the holidays are really about. We tend to forget the traditions we usually began with.

I walked around the school and asked a couple of students from different grade levels what they would call their holiday traditions.

“Our family writes christmas letters to each other and hangs it on the tree and read them on Christmas Day.” – Chloe Oyadomari, 12th grade.

“My family and I gather all the blankets we can find and prepare ourselves for the Christmas movie marathons.” – Mahina Henry, 10th grade.

“My family wraps themselves in leftover gift wrap and takes pictures.” – Kayla Gonzalez, 11th grade.

“After opening all the presents, my family and I put on obnoxious Christmas hats and sweaters. Then, we walked around Waikiki and take photos.” – Meilin Quinn, 11th grade

“I play Christmas bingo at my grandma’s house and win prizes like toilet paper and Starbucks gift cards.” – Alysa Smith, 12th grade.

“Before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, my family writes 10 reasons why they are thankful and what their goals are for next year.” – Iain Adrejilo, 12th grade.

“My neighbors and my family put uncooked oatmeal on the pavements and rooftops of our houses to feed the reindeers.” – Dorina Rincon, 10th grade.

“When I was little, my mom used to find where Santa was on the internet before bed.” – Kelley Cabais, 11th grade.

Photo Credit: The Rough Rider

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