Oregon Humane Society’s Home for the Holidays Program

By Clarissa Speyer-Stocks

CatlinSpeak (Portland Oregon)

On Dec. 1, the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) began their annual “Home for Holidays” event. The specific goal is to have all the dogs, cats, and small animals that arrived at the OHS on Dec. 1. adopted by Dec. 31.

The Oregon Humane Society is a no-kill shelter with a 98 percent save rate, whose mission is to improve the lives of animals everywhere. It works to house homeless pets and fight animal abuse and neglect.

As stated on its website, “Protecting animals from neglect and abuse has been at the heart of the OHS mission for over 100 years. Our Humane Special Agents, Investigations support staff and forensically-trained veterinarians help over 3,000 at-risk animals annually.”

“The Home for the Holidays adoption promotion is a great way to promote the pets of OHS,” said Barbara Baugnon, Communication Director of Oregon Humane Society. “It especially draws attention to the pets that have been at OHS for a longer time, helping to get them their forever home.”

The Oregon Humane Society is a shelter that offers many programs and services of all kinds to improve the welfare of pets throughout Oregon. Housing more than 11,000 pet annually, the Oregon Humane Society is no stranger to success stories.

With the Oregon Humane Society’s shelter exchange program across the Pacific Northwest, called the Second Chance program, many pets are now able to thrive in happy and healthy environments, even during the chilly winter weather and rain storms.

The Second Chance program reaches out to regional shelters in the Pacific Northwest to improve the chances of animals all over finding a home. More than 5,000 animals are rescued annually with the Second Chance program.

Help the Oregon Humane Society bring it home this holiday season and adopt a furry friend to call your own! The event runs until the end of December so come be apart of the holiday fun and give yourself the present of a new friend.

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