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The Crown (Wilmette, Illinois)

FBI treating San Bernardino shooting as act of terrorism. After it had been discovered that female attacker Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS in a Facebook post, the FBI took over the investigation from state officials. Malik and her husband, Syed Farook, carried out an attack on the Inland Regional Center, on Wednesday, Dec. 2. Using assault rifles, they killed 14 and injured 21.

US Military opens all combat positions to women Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced to the public on Wednesday, Dec. 2 that all military combat positions will now be open to women. This opens up 220,000 positions in a previously male-dominated field, according to CNN. This landmark announcement comes after years of debate and discussion about the supposed limitations of women in combat. Additionally, Carter made this decision against the will of Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chief of Staff chairman.

Coldplay to perform at the Superbowl. On Thursday, Dec. 3, the NFL announced that the British band Coldplay will be playing the halftime-show during the biggest football game of the year. There are high expectations for the show this year as the Super Bowl turns 50.

Chennai, India, flooding death toll reaches 270. The city of Chennai in the southern region of India has been experiencing severe flooding over the past month. With another blast of rain over the weaken, the death toll has reached 270 people, as the situation continues to worsen. According to TIME, over a million people in the area have been displaced due to the extreme weather.

Trail for last Paris attacker goes cold. On Thursday, Dec. 3, a senior European counterterrorism official announced to news outlets that the trail for Salah Abdeslam, the eighth Paris attacker, has gone cold. Asdeslam was supposed to be a suicide bomber in the attacks, and changed his mind just before his intended attack. Officials have had no trace of him since Nov. 14, the day after the attack.

Oscar Pistorius convicted of murder. Olympic track-runner Oscar Pistorius, who made headlines in 2012 for being the first amputee to run in the Olympic games, was found guilty of murder in South Africa on Thursday, Dec. 3. Pistorius shot his former girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp four times through a bathroom door in February 2013.

99% of Zuckerberg’s Facebook shares will be donated to charity. Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced on Tuesday, Dec. 1, that he and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, would donate 99% of their Facebook shares to charity over the course of their lifetime. Currently, these holdings are worth over $45 million. However, he has received criticism from many business experts who have stated that his creation of a limited liability company (L.L.C.) will not actually be as altruistic as it sounds. Read more here.

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