Will Rihanna ever release “Anti”?

By Chaela Williams

The Periscope (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

It’s been three years since Rihanna released her seventh studio album, Unapologetic. This made fans desperate to hear her highly anticipated album, Anti . Rihanna has been working on this forthcoming album for the past 11 months, working with songwriters Ester Dean and Charli XCX.

She went moths without any promotion until there was a rumor that her new album be called “R8.” On January 24 of this year, Rihanna’s release of “FourFiveSeconds” raised everyone’s spirits to finally hear her new material. The single has since gone 2x Platinum in the U.S. She also dropped two other singles in the months that followed, “B**ch Better Have My Money” and “American Oxygen.” But where’s the album? In September, she finally spoke out on the ongoing “R8” release delays.

When asked about it in the NME fashion magazine, she said, “To me it’s never done until it’s done. Until the final moment.” Finally, in moments we all were waiting for, Rihanna unveiled the artwork and the official title for the album, Anti.

The first rumored release date was November 27, then Jay Z’s music streaming site Tidal announced the album will be dropped by December 4 but of course Rihanna pulled out on releasing the album on that day and all of her fans are left confused and frustrated on when she will finally drop Anti. Her fans (who are dubbed the Navy) are getting impatient over their idol’s constant release delays.

But don’t bother asking Rihanna about her album because she gets annoyed when people ask her when her 8th album will be released. “No matter what I post online, within three comments there’s somebody saying, ‘Where is [Anti]?’” she told NME magazine back in September. “I could post anything. Nothing else matters. They don’t care about anything but that. But it makes me excited, because I can’t wait to give them something great.” For now, the world will just have to wait and see.

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