Quick Tips On How To Eat Well During The Holidays

By Sam Koutnik

The Crown (Wilmette, Illinois)

Every year people have those pesky holiday pounds they can’t seem to shed. The best solution is to eat better during these holiday meals. I know, I know, the pumpkin pie and mash potatoes are so tempting, but you need to have some control over the useless carbs.

The first thing I suggest is portions, portions, portions! You need to have some control over how much you cram on that big plate. Try to stay away from anything that contains too much fat or carbs. The major point is, stay away from the rolls! They are empty calories with zero nutrition. Try to fill your plate with at least a few of the five food groups: Lean meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Here is an example of how to fill your plate: When going down the buffet line at your grandma’s house grab any protein you can, like beef, chicken, etc. Also make sure you grab any vegetables that are available. However, do not be fooled by any vegetables drenched in cheese.

Have a big glass of water so that you stay hydrated. Sometimes our body thinks that we are still hungry and that we need seconds and thirds. However, most of the time it is our body telling us to fuel up with water.

Now for dessert. It is the holidays so you can treat yourself to a little bit of dessert. Just remember portion control! If you grab a piece of pie, make sure it is a small piece.

Finally, remember you should not be starving yourself! You should just be conscious about what you put in your body.


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