Stomp Out the Hate

By Calye Beale

Hoof Print (McDonough, Georgia)

This year, No Place for Hate has been introduced into the school by David Shedd and Justin Sumner. The No Place For Hate organization was created by the Anti-League of bullying and has spread throughout schools nationwide. This organization was created to stomp out any bullying or forms of hate.

Schools are required to do certain activities throughout the school against bullying in order to be a part of the No Place for Hate organization.  This week the school will be selling No Place for Hate t-shirts for $15.00, only in cash. The shirts are long sleeved and a light baby blue with the Ola High logo on the front. On the back, it has the words “Stomp it out” and ” Make Ola No Place For Hate.” They will be sold in the lunchroom or you can visit Sumner in room 411 to buy one. They will be on sale until Friday and will be in  by Christmas.

Sumner came up with the idea of selling these t-shirts in order to spread the message out and help pass the word on. He also decided on the design of slogan “Stomp Out The Hate” in order for students to take it upon themselves to end the bullying that goes on throughout the school. The shirts are long sleeved and a light baby blue with the Ola High logo on the front.

The back of the shirt features the quote “Stomp it out.” It was designed by Sumner.

Photo Credit to Hoofprint

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