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By Hannah Wavrek

The Crown (Wilmette, Illinois)

As a teenager, it can be hard to keep your bedroom organized. With so much to do, it can be hard to find the time to tidy up. However, knowing how to stay organized is an important life skill, especially when life gets busy.

It is impossible to be organized without first having a foundation of cleanliness.  It is worth taking the time to put in place new protocols.  Once you have installed new habits, it is easy to follow them and keep clean. These tips will help you with your organization.


Although you are the only person that sees your closet, it is important to keep it clean. Dividing your clothes by article will make it easy to keep organized and will be useful when you have to pick out something to wear. I suggest separating jeans from leggings, tee-shirts from dress shirts, and pajamas from delicates.  Hanging dresses and skirts will not only organize them, but keep them wrinkle-free.

Photo Credit: Internubs

Photo Credit: Internubs


If you have a desk, it can be easy to put unnecessary things on it, making it no longer functional. The key to keeping a desk clean is to have a limited amount of things on it. I recommend just a cup with writing implements, a light, and just one additional item. This will keep your desk clear for work. Additional things should be kept in a file cabinet or storage box nearby.


Who knows what is on your bedroom floor at any given time. There can be anything from clothes to school supplies to candy wrappers.  It is important not to have a habit of putting things on the floor, as piles can quickly accumulate. Everything should be put immediately back in its place, skipping the floor.  Having a laundry basket close to your room will help keep your room clutter-free.


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Even though no one likes it, the most important thing to do with you bed is make it as much as you can. Having your bed made will organize you room and help you feel more put together.


Having shelving in your room might seem like everything is clean, but it does not automatically organize your room.  Shelves must be organized and kept tidy for them to be helpful.  Otherwise, it can lead to being just another space to be messy.

Overall, it is important to be clean and organized.  Organizing one aspect of your life, like your room, can help focus on the more important things, and following these tips can help.


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