Parties Aren’t Priority

By Sheyenne Hart

The Periscope, (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

School parties used to be a big deal in elementary school; now in high school they’re a rarity. Here you might have one depending on the classes you take, but if the teachers are so worried about us not learning enough, why waste our time on them at all?

I think we should get our priorities straight and deal with this class time/party time situation. If the teachers had their parties afterschool, the student who didn’t want to do it don’t have to and it creates a more relaxed, less disruptive atmosphere for everyone.

I as well as other students have noticed at least once that a teacher has skipped over a certain subject because it’s, “not that important and we don’t have time.”

If we need more time to do more things, why have those parties? I probably will get a little bit of hate from students because of what I’m saying. You/they might be thinking, “But we get out of actual class work? Why are you complaining?” Well I am because I expect to be taught during class, and it worries me that the stuff being skipped over might be on a state test. I want to be prepared with whatever material is available.

I know sometimes during these special class periods your teacher might give you a worksheet to do or a video to watch, but we don’t pay attention to those. The paper is done to get it over with so you can talk to your friends, not to actually learn whatever is on it. And the video is talked over, taking away any purpose it may have had.

The teachers also have trouble getting students to focus in class on regular days. Some days are worse than others and teachers have to threaten with write-ups, and even then the vibe of the class is excitedly distracted.

Now add a party to that day. The students in those classes will be excited and a bit wound-up, possibly causing class disruptions and if not disruptions, they might not be focused themselves. I sometimes have trouble focusing in class, much like other students, especially when I think about the class party next period.

If we really want the time that snow days (though probably not a big problem this year) take away back so we can cover what we need to, we should reconsider having parties during the day. It would be better to have them after school because it is an appropriate time for relaxation.

This way if, let’s say the science teachers, want to have an edible cell party, it can be with more than just your class. You can converse with your friends and teachers in an informal atmosphere, creating a stronger appreciation for their company.

Another thing you or the teachers could do is set up/prepare games to play or maybe a movie to watch. And with an afterschool party you don’t have to rush to clean up so you won’t be late for your next class; you can take your time and enjoy it and at the end, everyone can help clean up. The people who don’t want to do the whole party thing don’t have to come.

Class time is for learning. As much as people want to get out of it, we know what we should be doing. Parties aren’t priorities in school; we need to save them for more suitable places/times. We need to reassess what we do during class time and this seems like a good place to start.

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