Foods That Will Make You Look and Feel Good

By Caroline Galliani

The Crown (Wilmette, Illinois)

In today’s society, the newest and most efficient health trends are advertised towards anyone who will listen. While some tips are completely reasonable and helpful, such as exercising on a regular basis, others are a tad questionable. Vibrating belts, the Tapeworm diet, and consuming placenta are recommended by some avid health seekers, and to me seem quite questionable… I don’t know about you, but I ain’t eatin’ no tapeworms.

With that being said, I would like to be as kind to my body as I possibly can. After much research, I have created a list of ‘power foods’ that will feed a teenage girls’ mind and body in the most healthy and natural way possible. However, one must keep in mind the difference between eating healthy and not eating enough. A diet will not result in optimal weight loss when you are only eating a bag of chips and a few Oreos all day. Feed your body food that will keep it full and help burn energy slowly and steadily.

Eggs are the perfect way to fight hunger. One boiled egg is only 70 calories, yet holds 6 grams of full proteins, meaning they carry complete amino acid chains. Food researcher Dr. Mitch Kanter says, “High-quality protein helps build muscles and allows people to feel full longer and stay energized, which can help them maintain a healthy weight.”

Blueberries are another surprisingly healthy power food. Once again, they are low in calories yet high in nutrients. 1 cup of blueberries holds 4 grams of fiber, and significant amounts of Vitamin C, K, and Manganese, an element which benefits bone health and structure. Blueberries are also proven to hold the highest antioxidant capacity for all consumed fruits and vegetables. Most impressively, blueberries reduce DNA damage which protects against cancer and aging. Eat em’ while you’re young!

Oatmeal is one of the best foods to eat in the morning because it is the perfect carbohydrate. The whole grains produce slow burning carbs and sugar for the upcoming day. This prevents a ‘high and crash’ of energy that will give you a sugar buzz until 11:00 AM, then make you feel like you want to put your head to the desk and take a nap. For any athlete, oatmeal also alters metabolism and enhances performance in sports when ingested 45-minutes to an hour before performance.

Last but not least, the green stuff, the king of power foods—Broccoli. Broccoli’s vitamins help your skin and hair, yet that’s nothing compared to the internal benefits. It lowers cholesterol and fights not only cancer, but also diabetes and heart disease. Broccoli’s high source of vitamin K improves bone health. Each small tree holds literally dozens of other vitamins, and broccoli really is not bad tasting at all.

Small lifestyle changes help more than one can imagine in the long run. Incorporate these foods into your diet and you are guaranteed to look and feel better.

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